NEW FAMILIES – Mindful Infant Care


Practical support to establish routine during transitions in the first year of your child’s life.

Just like a nanny… only better.

There are many, many changes in the first year of a child’s life. Exactly when a parent is left to sort it out on their own. I can help. Just four hours for self-care, and practical help, can make transitions infinitely easier.

$80.00 per four hours of specialized care

* Infant meals provided (if wanted)

*No late fee/cancellation fee

*Early Childhood Development resources

*Family Mindfulness and yoga resources for emotional health


OPTIMIZED CARE: Morning, afternoon or evening care available. You optimize your time, and I’ll fit with your schedule.

PRACTICAL FEES: No late fees, no cancellation fee. Tax included.

 *Good rates available for late night/overnight care. A well-rested family, is a happy one!



How I translate mindfulness to your infant’s development

a) Teaching mind-body connection through breathing exercises: you build trust through your breath and body. It informs so much to a new mammal.

*Engaging in breathing exercises helps children communicate, and emotionally regulate, to stay in constant touch with their bodies. Established early, this will form a pattern and when ‘tantrums’ begin, they will have self-regulation tools.

b) Creating an environment of mindful action. A mindful environment with routine and structure allows for a calm nervous system.

c) Good nutrition from the start. So worth it!  The fuel going in has to be efficient for the gut/ brain communication. I create nutritious infant food and give an abundance of practical food pro-tips.

d) Resources and pro-tips on optimal physical/emotional stimulation. Music and libraries, nature, great stimulating parks, drop-in learning programs for minimally structured play.

e) Creating emotional communication from the start: When children are ‘heard’ emotionally, whether they have words or not yet, they start to guide their actions with purpose, and plot their own story. *Key factors for emotional success – strength, flexibility, consistency, balance, imagination, kindness

Building imaginations. The best tool for leaders and problem solvers.