A Typical Adventure Class

Adventure classes follow the natural flow of a yoga class, but are fuelled by the kids’ imaginations.

Singing, chanting, repetition of songs – the tone of songs activate many neural pathways in a child’s brain; repetition of songs strengthen neural pathways enhancing learning and memory.

We settle down and settle in for each class with some mindful breathing techniques – using science as our teacher and furry friends as guides we mindfully go on a theme-based adventure. Eg: bunnies and butterflies and bears – oh my, rainforest canopy party, going on a rocket ship to the moon, farms and growing from seed  to tree, going on a warrior’s quest into the mountains, to name just a few.

When children have a say in their learning, they are much more excited and involved than when they do not. Classes are always taught based on kids’ needs, interest and ability level. Flexibility is always an option!

YOGA, YOGA, YOGA! Weaving the stories we create into postures of strength, balance, flexibility, focus, simple cooperation games, and fun! Each class is based on elements of exploration of one’s body and perception. For example: using sounds to create awareness of our hearing, pictures to bring mindfulness to our perception of light to create vision – as we stretch the physical muscles, we also stretch, and thereby enhance imaginations.

  • A child with an active imagination is more capable of open-ended problem solving; a key characteristic in an optimistic, resilient person. 

Stillness time – the ‘pause‘ to soak up all that lovely new information – mindfully practicing stillness can train your child in the art of being engaged in nothing. It’s pretty cool to watch.We seal our practice together by saying a mantra – or ‘feel good words‘ to thank each other and ourselves for playing together.

NOTE: Older kids Adventure classes includes improv games – a simple, fun and effective way of using words and our bodies to engage in supportive, yet competitive play with others.

*We anticipate mixed/larger classes to always be a form of ‘organized chaos’ and that’s okay.

YogaPlot considers this an opportunity to stand in one’s mountain.

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~ Build a Strong Foundation, the rest is all Adventure ~