YogaPlot’s Play-based Education

We have eight intelligences innate in all of us – linguistic, logical, visual, musical, kinesthetic, naturalistic, interpersonal, and intra-personal. 

The YogaPlot education aims to create a foundation for children to be curious about all eight intelligences – the best part? All we have to do is play!

We’ve designed a playful program based on the three optimal conditions for healthy brain development:  Exploration, Action and Engagement

We Explore – the science of our bodies, the art of stillness – the natural world – colours – sounds – sensations – our voices.

 We Act – we jet off to the moon, get inspired in the jungle, use some elbow grease on the farm, fly on a magic carpet, swim through shipwrecks under the ocean, battle pirates on top of the ocean, learn the art of a Zen Warrior…  there are no limits to our imagination.

We Engage – in simple, fun cooperative games designed for optimal social-emotional development.

See how the different elements can create a foundation for your child to flourish.