Mindful movement, boundless imagination,  experiential learning, structured calm – all the tools for optimal brain growth.

The YogaPlot Philosophy

A word from YogaPlot founder and Educator – Kathryn Ryan 

I founded YogaPlot after years in the child development, storytelling, as well as yoga worlds. I have a passion for play-based education, believing that children who engage in yoga’s movement, science, and creative play enhance their memory, social skills and find a place of stillness within their bodies and within a world that can sometimes overload them with stimulation and stressful situations.

Yoga practiced consistently in ever-challenging increments fosters self-efficacy, empathy and open-ended problem solving. The more they practice repetition of a task, from various perspectives, the more the brain begins to crackle and spark, lighting up neural pathways of communication that spark the growth of more and more branches…

I emphasize that the teacher very clearly lies within – there is no pressure to perfect or master any posture within a session – but to merely become curious as to the mechanisms at play within the body and the mind to make it happen!

See how yoga can empower your child

*Teachings find their basis in neuroscience, child development and progressive, play-based education.