Learning Environment

Mindful Learning Environment

A child’s healthy cognitive & emotional development occurs when provided a consistent, calm environment with plenty of self-directed imaginative play.

Creative Play 

 Helping children to make life meaningful – creative play is the foundation of learning, critical thinking, problem solving, of empathy, of the experience of being something else.

  • Cognitive tools – Eg. word games, musical instruments

  • Imaginative tools – Eg. storybooks, puppets

A Pollution-Free Environment

YogaPlot is committed to providing a healthful environment for it’s community.

Physical – No harsh chemical use – natural lighting – Excessive noise activates the nervous system’s flight or fight response; we attempt a reasonable level of calm.

Verbal – We use a saying at YogaPlot, “Clever is a gift, kindness is a choice.”  This is strongly encouraged through mindful integration into a child’s natural socialization style.

The Sound of YogaPlot

YogaPlot use heaps of contemporary children’s songs, a liberal dose of alternative, country & jazz,  show-tunes galore and a heavy dash of the highbrow; we’re passionate about our music and believe children should be exposed to all genres of music at a very early age!

When the environment is calm, the body is calm ~


YogaPlot follows the Montessori’s education method of free activity within a “prepared environment”. The function of the environment is to allow the child to develop independence in all areas according to his or her inner psychological voice.

The environment characteristics:

  • construction in proportion to the child and his/her needs
  • beauty and harmony, cleanliness of environment
  • an arrangement that facilitates movement and activity
  • limitation of materials, so that only material that supports the child’s development is included