PRE-SCHOOLERS – Mobile YogaPlot


YOGA PLOT is mobile. Create a mindfulness plot in the space most conducive to your child’s emotional learning. YOUR HOME 

HOSTING: Host a one-hour storytelling yoga workshop in your home once a week for 4 weeks. Weekday morning or afternoon available. Max 8 kids.

  • Flat rate of $60, you organize your group and I show up with mats/fun.

Each one-hour session, I provide: 

  • 30-40 minute storytelling yoga 
  • 8-10 min mindfulness training ( imaginative guided meditation/nature lesson)  
  • kids’ size yoga mats designed with preschoolers in mind. 
  • all storytelling tools / yoga props 

  Email me to book your time today. 

The YogaPlot Philosophy: Yoga practiced consistently in ever-challenging increments fosters self-efficacy, empathy and open-ended problem solving. The more they practice repetition of a task, from various perspectives, the more the brain begins to crackle and spark, lighting up neural pathways of communication that spark the growth of more and more branches… 

I emphasize that the teacher very clearly lies within – there is no pressure to perfect or master any posture within a session – but to merely become curious as to the mechanisms at play within the body and the mind to make it happen. 

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