One of the best things a parent can do is to train the child to train themselves

Why Meditation?

  • Structured, mindful stillness develops self-awareness – reducing anxiety, frustration, fear and helplessness.
  • Breathing techniques give a child the tools to self-regulate their body’s mental energy
  • Cultivating non-judgmental self-awareness is one of the best and easiest gifts we can give ourselves.
 Benefits of Meditation
  • Better Creativity
  • A Clearer Memory
  • Better Awareness
  • Better Ability to Deal with Stress as it Comes
  • A Healthier Mind and Body
How do we do this?   We breathe.

The Plotting of Stillness

We begin the Art of Stillness each class by spending one minute holding a rock, or other nature element. Each class the stillness time increases incrementally – by doing this it literally trains a child in the art of being okay with… nothing. Pretty cool.

Here’s the facts on social-emotional development.

Plot Your Own Story – On & Off the Mat